Pentingnya Jam Digital Waktu Sholat

What is the importance of digital clock prayer times ? Prayer is a must do for Muslims. But the challenges of life today are not trivial. Life is a level of competition is so tight, instant making things that smell is needed, for example like instant noodles. But in terms of worship, of course there is no instant, instant worship will only create an impression of origin for the executor. Of course, to face such a busy day, good time management is needed. One of the things to do good time management is that it is mandatory to have hours.

If you already have a clock, of course it will be very easy to manage your time. When talking about prayer, the prayer times for each region can be different, and in the same area it can be different from one day to another. If you already have hours but only normal hours, it will certainly be difficult to know the exact prayer schedule. Sometimes it can be tricked by opening a prayer schedule schedule, but sometimes it is quite troublesome or even the schedule seen is no longer valid. Or it could also be by preparing an alarm but still what we have set cannot automatically update properly. There can also be someone who uses tactics to follow if they hear the sound of the call to prayer, then it’s time to pray. But still it can function less if you are a person who has a busy level of work, you can just miss the sound. And do not rule out the possibility if you place your activities or stay away from the mosque.

Finally what happens if there are no appropriate assistive devices, can make worship a hollow hole or even not on time. Don’t make yourself lose to today’s challenges. Because keep in mind that life is not just life in this world. Therefore it is very important to balance the activities of a day’s life with worship activities. Indeed, there are some who say that today is increasingly difficult, if the era is indeed increasingly difficult, it is necessary for you to think of innovative ways to achieve a good level of worship for you.

The digital clock of prayer time can now be the best time solution. Can be placed at home like a living room, or for agencies that want to support the way of worship Sholat must have it. The following are some of the advantages with digital clock Prayer times:

Can do automatic updates

You do not need to worry about changes in hours or prayer times because this hour can create an automatic update system which will certainly make you able to schedule prayer times correctly and easily. You can also make settings to choose which areas you want to know about prayer hours.

Very complete schedule

With this digital clockyou or the mosque congregation can find out the schedule for the Sunnah Prayer schedule. So you can set yourself whether you can still have time to run the Sunnahprayer. Surely it would be very good not just doing the obligatory prayer.

Message can be added

For example, in a mosque, a message can be added, for activating the cell during prayer services. Of course with this, it is not necessary to make mosque administrators so that they can worship more seriously. Takmir Mosque can also more easily add announcements of important announcements related to activities that will be held so that congregation can immediately find out.

Easy to operate

The operation is also easy because it will be equipped with a guidebook to run it. If damage occurs it is also easy to repair because the repair tool is almost the same as the general clock. These sellers also provide service services.

Can be included in the verse verse Al-Qur’an.

Tartil Qur’an can also be inserted into this tool to be displayed so as to facilitate the pronunciation or reading in a timely manner.

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Easy scheduling

For the congregation or people who accidentally pass and see the schedule will be able to prepare themselves for the next prayer time.

Add reward

For the owner of this clock, it will certainly help you to increase your reward because you indirectly remind your fellow worshipers. Ofcourse true worship is not only for yourself but how to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Earlier is the benefit of getting a digital clock during prayertimes . The price is quite affordable because it is available starting at 1 million. Come on, don’t wait a long time to have it and enjoy every benefit and reward that you will get later. Always remember that prayer is very important for you who are Muslims.

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