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Digital mosque clock is an electronic device used in mosques or prayer rooms as a marker of prayer times. The digital mosque clock is not just a clock but a clock that already uses digital technology with electronic components so that the display or digital clock is easy to know the time because it is in the form of a digital light display. Even this digital mosque clock is like being used for displaying prayer times, jedda iqomah and some even use running text or writing.

Schedule of prayer times displayed by digital mosque hours will always be updated following the prayer times that have been determined by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with their respective regions. Digital mosque clocks make it easy for mosque administrators because prayer times are clear and accurate so they don’t hesitate to do prayer times because with the clock mosque we know the prayer times.

The digital mosque clock is also equipped with iqomah count down as a tool for managing jedda between adzan and iqomah. The time between the call to prayer and iqomah is among the all-time to pray, then use it at the time between the prayer and iqomah to pray. Iqomah count down at the digital mosque hour will count down the time so that pilgrims who will perform sunnah prayers, dhikr or pray will feel calm in doing it because knowing the rest of the time is enough to do 2 (two) rak’ah sunnah prayers. Iqomah count down will also help curb pilgrims who will pray for the sunnah so that when the time is not enough, there is no need to do sunnah prayers so that the congregational prayers can be fulfilled immediately.

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That is the function of the usefulness of the digital mosque clock which will greatly help smoothness, comfort in mosques and prayer rooms, with the comfort of worshipers so the congregation in prayer will be easily achieved so that the prayer will be received by Allah SWT, then this is one of the technological advances that are very beneficial to the ummah of Islam, namely the digital mosque clock which serves to display prayer times.

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